This is the recommended first Reading that will begin your journey into learning your Soul’s Divine Nature, Divine Gift. You will learn how your Divine nature is expressed in this human experience. With that informaiton, you will gain an understanding on how lack and unwanted experiences are attracted through past/present negative karmic patterns. The subtle body is then energetically cleared of the negative karma inviting new, healthy patterns to be made. It is after having an understanding of the negative karmic patterns that are playing out our in our lives that we learn how to trasform those patterns so we may grow to create a life of joy and abundance.

Information needed to perfrom reading:

  • Full Name at Birth
  • Current Full Name (if different from Birth name)
  • Date of Birth (month, day, year)
  • Place of Birth (city, state, country, provence, etc)

You will receive:

  • Written Report
  • 1 Hour Zoom Call to go over the reading and answer any questions you may have
  • 30 Minutes Follow-up Zoom Call 4 weeks later
  • 21-day Clearing work for you to perform to integrate clearing work