I AM Angelina Wright



My home is in the beautiful Pacific NorthWest.

My dive into Soul Realignment work began in 2016. My initial curiosity into the Akashic Records was the seed that blossomed into learning more about accessing and interpreting the records to heal at a Soul level.

In late 2018, a car accident created a brain injury as well as chronic pain that shifted my journey into deep self care while continuing to explore the inner-workings of my own karmic patterns.

By mid-2019, after not being able to truly heal after my car accident and being brought to a level of exhaustion from my employer, I took a leap of faith, quit my job to do “the work” and focus on my own healing. In my own personal journey, I have experienced the incredible healing that occurs through this work as well as witnessing the healing in my clients’ journeys.

My intention, through energy medicine, is to offer intuitive guidance on your path of discovery to your True Self. In my Divine Soul Blueprint, my Energy Center is Divine Compassion and I am so grateful to be able to express my gift through this modality. Thank you!


Angelina graduated from Portland State with a Bachelor’s Degree in both Management and Leadership and Supply and Logistics Management. Angelina is a Certified Soul Realignment™ Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and is currently studying Shamanism at LightSong in Portland, OR.

Let’s build your healing journey together.

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